About Me

I am Piyush. I have just completed my post-graduation in Advertising and Public Relations from a reputed institute.


My interest lies in digital marketing and looking to explore online along with you. I am learning to get my online business started and there’s no way I will give up on that. I was struggling to find my way in this online business as I was not getting any help until I find a great platform.

It takes time and patience to learn but it all depends how much of an effort an individual is putting on his work.

I am a highly self-motivated person and looking for inspiration every second. People should be happy around you. If they are not, just encourage them to keep moving on with this beautiful life. You may fall, but you have to keep on trying new things to find yourself.
I am a young lad to take on the world and aspire to be successful in my online  business.

I have quit my job in a month only because I was not enjoying at my work place. I listened to my gut and decided to be an online entrepreneur. Nothing excites you more, doing your own business. I  think I am in safe hands now with Wealthy Affiliate and see my dream  coming true very soon.

I have started this website DigitalViaMe for the beginners who struggle to have  proper knowledge of digital marketing. I am here to make them realize that anyone  can be successful online if provided with correct knowledge and training.

Apart from this my hobbies are watching movies, listening to music, spending time  with friends and family and travelling. I love sports. I can play any kind of sport. I am passionate  about lawn tennis.
That’s it. This is my life and I keep on learning from people. Enjoy life. Stay Good ! Be Excellent !

You can ask me anything related to online marketing or you can also comment to my hangout place on my Wealthy Affiliate profile to know more (Click on this link). I promise you to reply back personally.

You can also mail me with your suggestions at piyush@digitalviame.com

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