Facebook marketing strategy: Boost your post

“Every brand leverages Social Media”

These days most of the brands are moving along with time and capitalizing more on social media networks. As Facebook is the most popular of all social networks, brands want to engage their consumers through their Facebook fan pages.

Whether it’s a big brand or a start up brand, Facebook is a big market to leverage. This is because there are millions of users on Facebook with different demographics and psycho-graphics. Brands can monitor their consumers and ultimately provides benefits to its customers through their style of engagement.

The kind of response brands are getting from its audiences, social media will reach its new heights in the coming future. It is important to note that social networks should keep on updating themselves to give fresh experience to both business owners and users.

“Smart moves with great timing by Facebook”

Facebook knew that they would be a big brand as it was based on very simple concept of sharing each other interests within their community. It was a very user-friendly and easy to use site as well. When it started, Facebook was much of a user-oriented website.

With time, Facebook realized that why not going after the brands as well, where users and brands can engage. Ultimately, Facebook has become a medium of providing solutions to the people and brands leveraged Facebook to have credibility.

Great Marketing tactic by Facebook

Facebook eventually started advertising where advertisers can target their audience and get genuine users for their brands. It was very easy for the big brands as they had great recall value, thanks to TV, Radio and Newspapers.

But, what about the brand (start-up) which has just started promoting on Facebook? How would this brand engage with the audience? Well, to get genuine users on your Facebook Page, one need to advertise on it and simultaneously posting relevant content on that page.

Advertising on Facebook:

1) Promote a page : You can promote your page and your ad will appear on the right hand side of your Facebook page.
2) Boost post: You can boost/promote your post and your ad will appear on the centre of your news feed.

Clearly, we can say boosting your post is recommended when one starts promoting the page via Facebook. If any of your friends like the post as well, it appears on your news feed. But here’s the catch. You can’t boost the post unless and until you have required number of likes on the Facebook page.

Here’s the comparison of two brands:

23-08-2013 01-05-35

1)  Quoteoneliner:-

Likes: 281





You can see below the option of boost post where you can advertise your post and that post would be visible to the targeted user’s Newsfeed. It gives you higher conversion rate provided with effective content.

23-08-2013 01-08-48


23-08-2013 01-13-38 2) Get The Heck

Likes: 19




You can see here below that there is no boost post feature primarily because the brand page hasn’t met the minimum likes required for the Facebook page.

23-08-2013 01-16-54


The boost post feature appears in your page when you have 50-100 likes.

I conclude here by saying that if your page has low number of likes then you have to promote the page first via by advertising or by organic methods. This will result in getting genuine likes for the brand. People do get likes from their friends on Facebook. But in case, if it doesn’t happen you have to promote/advertise your page to get instant results. After getting likes, go for the boost post option and get rolling with your social media strategy.

If you have any questions regarding Facebook marketing, I’ ll be glad to help you. Comment and share if you thought this information was helpful for you.

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