How to build a website for free via WordPress?

First Step to Begin your Online Journey

Before I answer you the question of how to build a website for free via WordPress, first let me ask for what purpose you want to create a website? There are many reasons why people choose to make a site. People have different reasons and I think that’s the beauty of internet because there are so many things you can do on web. Make a choice and get on with it.

Different people have different needs and requirements for creating websites-

  • Personal blog for fun (Writing their views)
  • Building portfolio websites for job interviews
  • E-commerce website (Selling electronics, tshirts, books, etc)
  • Building websites on the behalf of clients
  • Professional website (Just for information)
  • To earn money from websites via Affiliate Marketing, and various ad programs (Huge Scope)

Now, you know why do you want to make your website, let me explain how you can create a quality looking website. It is very simple.

Revolutionary Content Management System (CMS)

WordpressWhen you have a website, you need to get hosting that stores your website which makes sure its visible to the people who visits your website. Making quality website is not an art anymore, purely because of revolutionary Content Management System known as WordPress.

You must have heard about WordPress from here and there, but it can do wonders for your website, trust me. WordPress is a great framework to experiment with your website on day to day basis without any hassle. There is no coding required while writing on a web as it was used to be earlier. This has brought a real change in constructing authority websites, for beginners as well as for experts .

Advantages of WordPress :-

  • There is no need of coding knowledge
  • Very easy to install and navigate
  • More than 1,ooo professional looking templates
  • Use of plugins to make your website more functional
  • You can customize your site according to your taste

There are two ways where you can get FREE WordPress framework for your website. Either you build it from or there is another way of getting a website for free which I will explain in the next section.

FREE WordPress Website in 3 Easy Steps

Watch the video below where you can create your free website under 30 seconds and start your online journey by expressing your views about anything.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-155" alt="Create Website Under 30 Seconds" src="http://digitalviame viagra ordonnance ou×242.png” width=”717″ height=”169″ srcset=”×242.png 1024w,×242-300×70.png 300w,×242-660×155.png 660w” sizes=”(max-width: 717px) 100vw, 717px” />

Watch Here: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

You can create your website here at Wealthy Affiliate, all you need to take is action and willingness to learn.

  1. Sign up HERE for $0 Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Watch this walk through video of creating a website
  3. Build your own WordPress website and get rolling

If you ever need any help while creating your WordPress website, do let me know. Leave a comment below or you can ask me from my Wealthy Affiliate profile HERE..

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