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How to schedule Instagram posts?

Scheduling Instagram posts is never been so easy. As a digital marketer myself, I was also checking out some tools where I can schedule Instagram posts. While I was searching on Google, I landed on this article ‘5 Instagram Tools to Better Manage your Marketing‘ and was excited that finally through Postso, I can schedule my Instagram posts. I quickly signed up for the tool that gives 14-day trial.

When I signed up for the tool, I just saw 3 social media accounts I can connect to. (Twitter, Pinterest and Scheduling Instagram postsThen, I saw some comments on the blog where I found out that Postso cannot be connected to an Instagram Account.

The Surprise

The next day I received a mail from Postso. Here are the screenshots of my mail series. mail seriesMail Series 1

After receiving this mail, I clicked on the link and hence, I could schedule Instagram posts.


After providing credentials for the Instagram, I connected to my Instagram account.

connected account

Now Get Started with Scheduling of Instagram posts


This tool is tried and tested by me as far as Instagram posts are concerned. Major Drawbacks are as follows –

1) You can only schedule the posts for the original image. You can’t edit it.

2) You cannot set your own exact time. There is a gap of half an hour. Not much of an issue.

3) You have to be careful with the timings you schedule from postso. The posting time mentioned here is UTC. Check your time from World Time Buddy.

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