WordPress CMS Review

Like you have read about the difference between two blogging platforms provided by WordPress, i.e. between WordPress.com and WordPress.org . Now, I would like to give you the review about WordPress CMS (Content Management System) which may be productive for you and for your website. The review would be based upon the functionality of WordPress. There are plus points as well as minus points to it. In the end, I will give my opinion whether you should favor WordPress or not.

Positives of WordPress-

Free blogging platform Both the blogging platforms are free. Yes, they don’t cost you a thing. From WordPress.org , you can easily download WordPress framework but you need to host your website, whereas you can get a free blog to write on WordPress.com but with limited features where you can always upgrade at any point.

Installation is easy– Installing WordPress onto your host is not a big deal in today’s world mainly because many of the hosting companies like HostGator, DreamHost, BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc. have one click installation of WordPress in their Control Panel system. Basically, you can have your website ready in just minutes, and hence you can add whatever content you like.








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themeThemes– Inside WordPress, you can install any kind of theme you want it for your website. There are many themes available for free all over the internet. There are paid ones also but free ones may do your job as well. The best part is you can change it anytime if you didn’t like the layout before. So, keep on looking and experimenting with new and existing themes.

Self-Owned Content– Whatever you write on your blog, it stays with you for sure. You own the content of your blog. You even can customize the design of your website with various themes available on internet. There’s enough breathing space inside WordPressWordPress where you can do lots of stuff to create an interesting website via installing widgets and plug-ins.

No coding knowledge required for writing contentYou don’t require any coding knowledge when you will be generating content for your website. With visual and text editor on WordPress, it is easy to create content as a page or post.

Web Page/Post creation– You can categorize or add pages or add menus which makes the website more neat and organised. An impression of neat website is always appreciated as the user wants to read your content clearly with respect to the understanding of the content. The main idea behind a creation of Web Page or Post or add menus/categories is to make your website easy to navigate.

Desirable Plugins- Plugins helps us to increase the functionality of the website. There are lots of plugins available and you should install desired plugins for your website or blog where you can increase the traffic of your website. You can always activate or deactivate your plugin.

Excellent for SEO- WordPress is an excellent platform to get higher rankings in major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and Bing. WordPress blogging platform has a great reputation in search engines and with some high quality and unique content with proper use of plugins you can get traffic onto your website quite easily.

Always there to help you- This blogging platform is always there to help you with latest features or
whenever any kind of upgradation is taking place. If you ever get stuck with some problems while managing


your content, WordPress is always there to help you via tutorials and support forums where you can ask questions and you may find appropriate solutions. They also provide up to date documentation for this revolutionary content management system (CMS).

Negatives of WordPress-

imagesBeginners may have a hard time- When you will start making your website via WordPress, especially if you’re a beginner, it can be appalling in different ways such as what theme you should choose, struggling to know which plugins works the best for your website, customization, etc. WordPress editor needs a learning and with time and effort you would be able to handle its functionality. You can really enjoy WordPress, once you get the hang of things. There are various programs available, for example WP101, where you will be able to learn the basics and overcome initial complications quite easily.

Some plugins may cause problems- There can be issues with plugins in WordPress especially with the ones when you installed from unsecured sources. I would recommend don’t over experiment with plugins, go step by step and gradually your blog will gain traffic. Plugins may crash sometimes whenever there are updates and if you’re not an expert to fix plugins, don’t do it. There are professionals available at very low prices to fix these kind of problems. They will play with some coding stuff and your plugin will be back on track.

Mobile Marketing- As we know mobile marketing is emerging day by day and many people access information through mobiles, WordPress are upgrading to a better mobile blogging platform, and will give a better experience for the user. As of now, there are very limited options available.

Lots of updates- Many people sometimes complain about regular updating plugins, themes or whole WordPress from time to time. Updates are not automatic mainly because it wants to ensure whether the user wants to update or not. I think people should update with the latest versions of WordPress as they will be more secured in the long run.

Opinion Via Me-

In my opinion, I fully support WordPress if someone really wants to start making money online via blogging. It has gained its popularity and reputation with the search engines and people get good exposure from their websites really quickly. It’s the easiest content management system unlike drupal or joomla. Successful online marketers use WordPress framework to promote their business, or to promote themselves as well. You can really make a successful online marketing business with WordPress. I love WordPress!!!


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