WordPress Solution: Is your site title appearing twice?

You must be wondering why your website title is appearing twice every time you are creating any post or a page. Don’t worry. This is normal. This may have many reasons but what I can figure out is whenever you install a plugin or a theme onto your WordPress website, you need to do some tweaking which is very easy. You basically have to remove add_filter which I will talk later in this post.

You might have just started blogging on WordPress framework and for search engine optimization(SEO) , there are many plugins but the common ones are ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’ and ‘All in One SEO’. Whichever plugin or a theme you may choose, a newbie finds it difficult to get rid from this irritating problem.

How to fix your website title on every page/post?

Just follow what I say and you’ll get over with the problem in a minute. I will give you an example from my website title, i.e. Digital Via Me. Here we go,

Preview Snippet

Like you can see from above screenshot, that the site name is appearing twice in a snippet achat viagra autre. When you go to a site, you’ll see the exact same meta title tag and of every post you’ll see double site title. So , now we will look into how can you change this and why it should only appear once.

Step 1:- 

  • In your WordPress editor, Appearance –>Editor –> Header (header.php)
  • Ctrl+f and find wp_title and whatever you find on that, just replace it to –
                                        <title><?php wp_title(); ?></title>
  • Update the file

Step 2:-

  • In your editor section, Click on Theme Functions (functions.php)
  • Ctrl+f and find add_filter
  • You’ll get something like this-  add_filter(‘wp_title’, ‘some_function_name’ ); 
  • Remove this line and update the file

Follow these 2 easy steps, and your site title will only appear once. This makes your blog/website neat and clean. After all, its all about improving your blog.

Feel free to ask me anything if you find any problem, I’ll be happy to help you.

4 Comments on “WordPress Solution: Is your site title appearing twice?

    1. Sorry, for my late reply. I was not maintaining my blog. Now I have again starting it and will revamp it. If it is helping you in Step 1, so no need to go to step 2. Enjoy!

  1. bro, i have same problem, my site tile appear twicely , i am using f2 theme, the said letter are not found in theme func and header.php

    just have this : wp_title( ‘|’, true, ‘right’ );

    1. Hi Waseem, First of all apologies for replying you so late. I was not maintaining this blog due to certain reasons, but I am going to start it yet again. These steps depends upon theme to theme, if it isn’t working for you, I am sorry bro, but I will definitely try to find the solution. Cheers!

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